Title Date
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Recent BESS Oscillations: Root Cause Analysis and Wide-Area Impacts - Matthew Rhodes and Daniel Goodrich
Resilient Timing for Grid Measurements: Best Practices and New Solutions - Douglas Arnold, Rick Knea, and Carter Christopher
Distribution grid monitoring: Challenges in developing PMU-rich feeders - Panos Moutis & Daniel Dietmeyer
Asset Health Monitoring: Value Proposition and Vendor Capabilities
The 2003 Blackout, Twenty Years Later - Bob Cummings
Securely Storing Archival synchrophasor Data in the Cloud: Access Control and Usage for CIP NERC Compliant Government Data on AWS
Leveraging Risk Information to Protect Critical Operation & Assets - Brad Rossiter
Value Proposition for Getting Buy-in for Synchrophasor Technology - Matthew Rhodes
Compression of Sampled Current and Voltage Signals Via a Multi-Model Coding Scheme - Corentin Presvôts and Thibault Prevost, RTE-France
Demystifying Distribution Synchrophasors: Use Cases, Requirements, and Integration from Field Experience - Paolo Romano
Machine Learning Based State Estimation for Transmission and Distribution Grids - Evangelos Farantatos and Professor Anamitra Pal
Developing the future energy systems workforce: Perspectives from the industry and academia
Building a Resilient Distribution Grid - Dan Dietmeyer and Charlie Cerezo
Impacts of Forced Oscillations - Aftab Alam and Urmila Agrawal
Applications of Time Synchronized Measurements in the Electric Grid - Mohini Bariya
Synchronized Waveforms – A Frontier of Data-Based Power System and Apparatus Monitoring, Protection, and Control - Wilsun Xu
Human Factors, Human-Machine Teaming, and the Cognitive Science of Real-Time Operations - Eric Andersen and Brett Jefferson
FOA 1861 Awardees report out on Machine Learning and AI
System Inertia Monitoring - Ian Dytham, National Grid (UK)
Digital Voltage and Current Sensors - Farnoosh Rahmatian
Synchronized Measurements in Distribution Systems - Paul Pabst and Kevin Chen
Synchrophasor Cybersecurity for Grid Operations - Scott Mix
Merging Units - Evandro de Oliveira (Siemens), Galina Antonova, and Bharadwaja Vasudevan (Hitachi ABB)
Synchrophasor Technology at Dominion - David Roop and Kevin Jones
Detection of distribution circuit wildfire ignition mechanisms using substation-only sensors and data analytics with Dr. Russell, Carl Benner, and Dr. Wischkaemper
Synchrophasor Data Networks and Management: A Journey of Successes and Failures - Matthew Rhodes and Dan Brancaccio
Real-Time Oscillation Analysis: Technology Readiness, and a Vision for Future Needs and Applications - Jim Follum
Phasors, the Next Generation - Terry Boston and Russell Robertson
Let’s Talk About Synchrophasors, PMUs & Applications - Evangelos Farantatos