Impacts of Forced Oscillations - Aftab Alam and Urmila Agrawal

Mar 30, 2022
Teresa Carlon and/or Eric Andersen

Aftab Alam and Urmila Agrawal from Operations Planning at California ISO provide engineering support for operations planning, outage analyses and coordination, support for day-ahead and real-time market and grid operations for the California ISO and Reliability Coordinator functions for RC West entities. They are also involved in the development of operating procedures and implementation of various real-time assessment applications required to provide situational awareness to operators.

Understanding power systems oscillations is important for maintaining reliable power systems operations. This webinar focuses on forced oscillations and their impact on power systems. Forced oscillations are the response of power systems to a periodic disturbance. Depending on their frequencies, these forced oscillations can be observed across a wide-area. In this webinar, the impacts will be discussed for wide-area forced oscillations and “near-resonance” forced oscillations. Some real-world examples of such forced oscillations will also be presented.