Merging Units - Evandro de Oliveira (Siemens), Galina Antonova, and Bharadwaja Vasudevan (Hitachi ABB)

Jan 27, 2021
Eric Andersen

Our NASPI 2021 webinar series will kick off Wednesday, January 27 at 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST (1.5 hrs.) with a webinar titled “Merging Units” presented by Evandro de Oliveira (Siemens), Galina Antonova, and Bharadwaja Vasudevan (Hitachi ABB).


There have been a number of requests from the NASPI community to learn more about merging units (MU): the basic technology uses, design approaches, dealing with large data volumes and data issues, communication protocols and IEC 61850, network challenges, MU benefits and limitations, etc. The industry is gathering more data than ever before, and this webinar will be beneficial to many in our NASPI community. Please join us for an extended 90-minute webinar on MU.

Evandro will discuss the process bus concept, advantages to using process bus relays, communications, IEEE 1588 clock, and network architecture and redundant protocols. Following will be a presentation on Merging Units and Substation Digitalization with Bharat and Galina, discussing a concept of sharing digital data samples of analog measurements using communications instead of conventional copper connections known as IEC 61850 process bus. Industry standards for Merging Units (MUs) that perform this function and their interoperability will be covered, including UCA IEC 61850-9-2LE implementation Agreement and IEC 61869-9 and IEC 61869-13 standards. Key requirements placed on communications and time synchronization will be outlined. Application examples showing modularity of the solutions, added monitoring capabilities and synchrophasors support will be provided.