System Inertia Monitoring - Ian Dytham, National Grid (UK)

Jun 30, 2021
Eric Andersen

Ian Dytham, National Grid Electricity System, Network Control Programme Senior Manager


Ian Dytham is leading the modernization of situational awareness tools and data platform infrastructure at National Grid ESO, the electricity system operator of Great Britain, including the procurement of two world first inertia monitoring systems. Ian has an electrical engineering background with extensive power industry experience since 2004, comprising senior roles in operational planning and the day-to-day support of IT systems for the Electricity National Control Centre.


System inertia is reducing due to an increase in asynchronous generation connecting to the GB network, displacing synchronous generation. Forecasting system inertia has become more challenging as the significance of demand side inertia has increased.  Historically, National Grid ESO has estimated complete system inertia using assumptions for the level of demand side inertia, and this now carries a higher risk of inaccuracy. To minimize this risk, National Grid ESO is delivering two first-of-their-kind systems to measure the real-time inertia of the network, making NGESO the first system operator to implement these innovative operational tools. In this webinar, Ian will describe the role National Grid ESO plays in managing system inertia, including our ambition to operate a zero carbon network by 2025  I will also give a high level overview of the two new systems, including why we measure inertia, the value of the inertia market to Great Britain, and why we have chosen to implement two competing measurement systems.