Synchrophasor Data Networks and Management: A Journey of Successes and Failures - Matthew Rhodes and Dan Brancaccio

Jul 29, 2020
Teresa Carlon

Join Salt River Project’s Matthew Rhodes and Quanta Technology’s Dan Brancaccio as they share their experiences, both successes and failures, with networking and data management challenges for time synchronized telemetry in the electric utility industry. They’ll explore topics around enabling wide-area measurements for improved situational awareness, and challenges with getting field data to the application with strategies that worked and didn’t work. Constrained networking and data management structures have been a challenge in developing synchrophasor applications from the beginning, Matt and Dan will discuss game-changing technologies and efforts under way that will redefine how grid telemetry is used in the future. They’ll cover topics around the benefits and drawbacks of data archiving and examine vendor-based solutions versus home-grown utility-built solutions. Matt and Dan will also talk about cloud storage, bringing applications to the data versus streaming data to the application and advanced synchrophasor applications development under these new architectures.