Securely Storing Archival synchrophasor Data in the Cloud: Access Control and Usage for CIP NERC Compliant Government Data on AWS

Jul 26, 2023
Jim Follum (

Securely Storing Archival synchrophasor Data in the Cloud: Access Control and Usage for CIP NERC Compliant Government Data on AWS.
Speakers: Alex Curley and Alia Wilkinson

Reporting, analysis, and storage of synchrophasor data presents new challenges due to the volume of data collected. Storing this larger amount of data on legacy on prem systems can lead to issues managing and transferring data in a time and cost-efficient way. In this talk, we will show how the Cloud can be leveraged to simplify data management, improve security, and reduce costs using the Well Architected Framework that adheres to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliance standards, including case studies and success stories. Attendees will gain valuable insights into architecting a secure and scalable cloud storage solution that enables efficient reporting and analysis while maintaining data privacy and regulatory compliance.


Alex Curley is a highly skilled Principal DevOps Engineer for Source70 Consulting with over 7 years of experience. He has extensive experience designing Terraform, Bicep, and ARM automated cloud deployments, managing infrastructure, building end to end CI/CD pipeline solutions, and custom automation in PowerShell with scalable infrastructure. His expertise includes developing dynamic scaling systems, optimizing cloud resources, and achieving significant cost savings. With a strong background in Azure and AWS, Alex has successfully led projects, created efficient pipelines, and mentored teams to drive successful outcomes. With a solid foundation in CI/CD, infrastructure-as-code, and automation tools, Alex is a valuable asset in delivering robust and efficient cloud solutions. 

Alia Wilkinson is an accomplished Principal DevOps Engineer for Source70 Consulting specializing in the secure, cost-optimized, and operationally efficient storage of large datasets in the cloud for enterprise and government. With a strong focus on data pipelines, Alia excels at designing end-to-end solutions for seamless data ingestion, transformation, and reporting. Leveraging expertise gained as a certified DevOps Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Senior DevOps Engineer at loanDepot, Alia brings in-depth knowledge of AWS services and her extensive experience of 7 years managing complex data architectures. By combining her proficiency in AWS and Azure with cloud infrastructure expertise, Alia leads projects that ensure data integrity, cost optimization, operational efficiency, and robust security measures throughout the entire data lifecycle. With a strong track record of success in optimizing data storage and processing, Alia provides organizations with the tools and strategies needed to efficiently manage and protect their valuable data assets.