NASPI Software Exchange

The purpose of the NASPI Synchrophasor Software Exchange is to share software that can be used for synchrophasor system management and data analysis at no cost to the user. Members of the NASPI community have developed software in many forms and formats, that touch synchrophasor technology in many ways – data analytics, PMU commissioning, PDC code, network management, data availability monitoring, cyber-security, and more.

NASPI’s mission is to foster the adoption and value of synchrophasor technology through joint problem-solving and information sharing. Through this software exchange, NASPI members are advancing that mission by sharing software, to accelerate the availability and use of high-quality, high-value synchrophasor software tools.

All of the software hosted here is provided at no cost to the user. But the user is warned that NASPI and the software providers do not guarantee the quality or performance of any piece of software in the exchange; that the software hosted may not come with extensive documentation or user support; and that software use or re-use may come with contributor-specified limits and restrictions.

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