Leveraging Risk Information to Protect Critical Operation & Assets - Brad Rossiter

Jun 28, 2023
Jim Follum (james.follum@pnnl.gov)

Presenter, Brad Rossiter - Leveraging Risk Information to Protect Critical Operation & Assets

Bradley is an OT/IT security and risk management advisor with over 30 years of experience; his mission at Quanta is to help organizations safely, securely, and resiliently modernize their most critical of critical technologies and processes to ensure they can create and sustain a marketplace competitive advantage. In 2022, Bradley worked with NASA on matters of risk and fraud management and continues to advise, train and deliver to a broad spectrum of organizations looking to improve their operational resilience and protection of critical technologies. Throughout Operation Ababil, a campaign of terrorist-sponsored massive DDoS attacks against U.S. financial critical infrastructure, Bradley was a key subject expert for a global telecommunications provider and advised the United States Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security, The Applied Science Foundation for Homeland Security, and many business leaders across the globe. In addition to earning a bachelor’s degree (BS) in Computer Science, Bradley accepted his Master of Science (MS) from the University of Minnesota’s Technological Leadership Institute; and holds many industry gold-standard certifications in information security and technology.

Organizations face new challenges as they rapidly adapt to customer and partner expectations and the digital momentum from IT/OT convergence. This transformation has necessitated far greater coordination between the business and technology groups, with particular attention on securing digital assets holistically through the IT and OT environments -- including the data that fuels the business. This trend has resulted in significant staff, time, and budget constraints. As a result, there's a need to refocus the Cybersecurity Program capabilities on what matters most, critical assets and operations. 

In this session, attendees will learn the core influencers that drive a successful cybersecurity strategy; including risks formulation, threats actors, threat modeling, security program spotlight areas, and innovation barriers. We will also discuss meaningful metrics that help focus limited resources to activities that matter while facing the demands IT/OT convergence puts on the organization.


Jun 2023