Synchronized Measurements in Distribution Systems - Paul Pabst and Kevin Chen

Mar 31, 2021
Teresa Carlon

In this webinar Paul Pabst will present the initiatives at Commonwealth Edison. ComEd’s distribution PMU program includes deployment of phasor measurement units across its distribution system, including both substation and feeder installations.  This presentation will outline the current state of the program including strategic objectives, deployment lessons, existing use cases, and the innovative vision for the continued success of the program.

Paul Pabst, P.E., is the manager of project execution within ComEd’s Smart Grid Department.  He has 14 years of power system project experience ranging from renewable energy, microgrids, distribution automation, and traditional medium voltage power systems.  He is the Distribution PMU Program Manager for ComEd, responsible for the multi-year deployment and analysis effort at both ComEd-owned substations and distribution feeders.  He has held multiple executive roles within the IEEE PES Chicago chapter is the current IEEE PES Awards Chair.