The 2003 Blackout, Twenty Years Later - Bob Cummings

Aug 23, 2023
Jim Follum (

Bob Cummings is president of Red Yucca Power Consulting. Prior to founding his consulting firm, Bob retired from NERC as the Senior Director of Engineering and Reliability Initiatives in 2020. During his 23 years at NERC, Bob was involved in the analysis of 18 major system disturbances. He was a principal investigator of the 2003 Northeast Blackout and the Arizona-Southern California outage of 2011. He also served as a consultant for the February 2021 Cold Weather Outages in Texas and the South-Central United States. Bob was instrumental in the formation of the Eastern Interconnection Phasor Project (EIPP), which later became NASPI

Twenty years have gone by since the 2003 Blackout that struck the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada.  Technologies and the very fabric of the electric system have certainly changed with vastly different resources and schizophrenic loads with wildly different characteristics.  How have synchrophasors influenced reliability in that time?

Time:  10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT (1 hr.)
Date:  August 23, 2023