Phasors, the Next Generation - Terry Boston and Russell Robertson

May 06, 2020
Teresa Carlon

Date: May 6
Time: 11:00am PDT / 2:00pm EDT (1 hr.)
Title:  Phasors, the Next Generation
Speakers: Terry Boston and Russell Robertson, Grid Protection Alliance (GPA)

Terry Boston will review major electric power system events and the decision process following them that has led to the adoption of synchrophasors as an important element in U.S. grid situational awareness assurance.  Russell Robertson will review recent developments in GPA’s open source synchrophasor tools to improve synchrophasor data availability, facilitate control room use and enable analytics to support transmission equipment health monitoring.  Terry Boston will conclude the presentation by providing his views on the approach utilities should take to best utilize synchrophasors as well as his opinions on needed research and development in high-fidelity grid measurement and use.