Data Mining Techniques and Tools for Synchrophasor Data

Release Date
ERICA Number
PNNL-28218 / NASPI-2018-TT-007
Document Subject Area
NASPI Basic Synchrophasor Technology Information and Best Practices
Data Mining Techniques and Tools

Data mining is the process of turning raw data into useful information. Data mining has been employed in many different data-rich industries, including banking, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications. With the additions of thousands of PMUs to the nation’s power grid, the power systems industry has the data necessary to take advantage of data mining techniques and gain actionable insights.

This white paper discusses the following topics related to applying data mining to the power systems industry:

  • provide a high level overview of data mining,
  • review how data mining has been used in various industries,
  • present common big data architecture and software languages and tools that facilitate data mining, and
  • provide use cases that show how data mining has been applied in the power grid community.