CIGRE-NASPI Synchrophasor Tutorial

Oct 22, 2014
Alison Silverstein

Tutorial Abstract

Over the coming decade, synchrophasor technology will transform the way we understand, plan and operate the bulk electric system. Phasor measurement units grid deliver real-time, high-speed, time-synchronized phasor measurements of voltage and current from locations spanning the grid. These measurements allow early identification of local and regional problems, and enable the development of sophisticated new tools and analytical methods for grid planning and operations.

This course will provide an introduction to synchrophasor technology and systems and their current deployment across North America. It will address a variety of synchrophasor data applications with emphasis on those already in use by transmission operators and reliability coordinators, and review the benefits from and business case for using synchrophasor technology. It will close with a look at some next steps and promising opportunities for synchrophasor technology over the coming decade.