NASPI 2020 Survey of Industry Best Practices for Archiving Synchronized Measurements (DNMTT)

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NASPI Survey
Archiving Synchronized Measurements

The North American SynchroPhasor Initiative's (NASPI's) mission is to improve power systems reliability and visibility through wide-area measurement and control by fostering the use and capabilities of synchrophasor technology. This report is prepared by the Data & Network Management Task Team (DNMTT), a working group of NASPI. The mission of the DNMTT is to provide guidance for synchrophasor data networking, archiving and access issues and to review new archiving and networking technologies for the best fit for synchrophasor application realization. This document reports the results of a 2019 survey of the current state and industry aspirations of synchrophasor data archiving strategies. The survey considered thirteen questions of interest to the DNMTT.