Assessment of Existing Synchrophasor Networks

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Synchrophasor Networks
Network Structure and Communications
System Integration
Network and Data Interoperability

In 2007-09, DOE worked with NASPI to fund the development of an architecture framework for synchrophasor data networks. That “NASPInet” framework has been the prevailing guidance since that time, and various NASPInet elements were incorporated and tested in several of the SGIG synchrophasor projects. But the NASPInet framework is now outdated; synchrophasor technology has evolved; data volumes are increasing exponentially, and networking technology changes markedly every year. Many of the NASPInet design concepts remain useful, but implementations have fallen short; the NASPInet architecture must be sharpened and projected forward in terms of technology capability to enable the design and deployment of the next generation of synchrophasor data networks. The NASPInet 2.0 project is intended to update the NASPInet framework to address the new technology opportunities and needs for synchrophasor data networks. The main objectives of this project are to assess existing synchrophasor data networks, evaluate current and future networking technologies and synchrophasor network needs, perform a gap analysis, and recommend a path forward and specific technology and design recommendations for the next generation of synchrophasor data networks (henceforth to be called NASPInet 2.0).