Reference Document for micro-PMU Installation

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Micro-PMU Installation

ARPA-E Plus-Up Project Award # DE-AR0000340, Milestone 1.3.2, Subtask 1.33
Draft March 23, 2018. Aminy Ostfeld, Kyle Brady, Laura Mehrmanesh and Alexandra von Meier, UC Berkeley.

This manual is a living document, intended to help utilities and researchers in the planning and installation of networks of micro-phasor measurement units (μPMUs) on distribution circuits. It addresses practical barriers and concerns that can be encountered in setting up a network of μPMUs on distribution circuits, as well as issues that arise in maintaining a back end for data storage and analytics. It further discusses the impact of installation location and related limitations, such as instrument transformer error and availability of three-phase voltage and current measurements, on suitability for various analytic applications. It also contains a collection of specific advice and lessons learned from the ARPA-E funded “Micro-Synchrophasors for Distribution Systems” project carried out by researchers and distribution system operators at UC Berkeley (UCB), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL), Power Standards Laboratory (PSL), and a number of partner utilities.