DisTT Conference Call

Feb 15, 2018
Sascha von Meier

Title: “Making Do with That PMU: Processing Techniques and Purposes"

Abstract: In this seminar, I’ll reflect on my experiences with distribution connected, mobile-phone enabled PMUs to study system events and operational performance of the Nigerian high voltage transmission system. We’ll examine a variety of synchrophasor records that powerfully illustrate the richness and complexity of information that is available, but also unavoidably mixed. Using several recordings of total system collapse events and normal periods, I’ll comment on the capabilities and limitations of this measurement mode for conducting forensic studies and operational monitoring. I’ll end by speculating about data analysis techniques and PMU applications that may be pioneered first in the challenging conditions present in the stressed and critical power systems of developing countries.

Bio: Dr Barry Rawn is a Lecturer in Power Systems at Brunel University London, United Kingdom, and has served as a system analyst and trainer for the Transmission Company of Nigeria. He received the BASc degree in Engineering Science, as well as the MASc and PhD in Electrical Engineering, from the University of Toronto, Canada in 2002, 2005, and 2010 respectively. He is an IEEE Member, and acts as communications officer for the IEEE PSOPE Task Force on Future TSO-DSO Interaction. He also chairs the Technical Program Committee of 2018 IEEE Power Africa Conference.

Distribution Task Team (DisTT)