DisTT Conference Call

Jan 11, 2018
Sascha von Meier

10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET.

NASPI DisTT webinar presented by David Laverty

Title: OpenPMU: Experience and lessons from operating PMUs in Distribution Networks

Abstract: In recent years, interest has turned to the use of PMUs in distribution networks. In the distribution environment, the voltages and currents that PMUs are expected to measure can be very different to those at transmission voltages - not least harmonic content, flicker, and other distortions. There are also different expectations of distribution PMUs in terms of function, cost, flexibility and application.

Bio: Dr. David Laverty, Senion Member IEEE, Lecturer in Smart Grids, Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dr. Laverty is the Founder of the OpenPMU project. OpenPMU aims to provide an open source reference design for PMUs. OpenPMU is modular, allowing different tools in the measurement chain to be swapped with easy. The project also develops a number of tools for PMU telecoms, compliance testing, and archival of data.

David's research interests include real-time control using synchrophasors, protection of distributed generation using synchrophasors, and cyber security mechanisms to yield trustworthy and resilient Smart Grid networks.

Distribution Task Team (DisTT)
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