S3DK - Smart grid Synchrophasor Software Development toolKit

S3DK is a software development toolkit to implement real-time PMU/Synchrophasor applications, such as those used in Wide Area Monitoring Systems. Using this development toolkit, a developer is able to manipulate the numerical values of the different signals contained in a synchrophasor data stream within the LabView environment. This enables fast software prototyping and testing of applications. The software is comprised by two main parts: (a) a real-time data mediator that parses and handles PMU data (implemented in C++), and (b) a LabView User Interface (UI). The LabView UI provides both easy connection with PMUs/PDCs and a "pallete" in LabView with different functional blocks that are used to interface the real time data with LabView functionalities. The real-time data mediator has a client/server architecture, and an advanced API that would allow its use in other development environments instead of LabView. In addition, the real-time mediator has been build with several future functionalities in mind, such as a time-synchronization layer and multithreading. Compliance with the IEEE C37.118.2 protocol means that a developer can directly connect to a synchrphasor stream from an individual PMU, or from multiple PMUs within a PDC output stream, thereby liberating them of the complexities involved synchrophasor data handling involved in dealing with the packets wrapped within the protocol. The toolkit provides a real-time data mediator that parses the IEEE C37.118.2 – 2011 protocol, and provides auxiliary functions (such as data windowing) implemented in C++. Nevertheless, this is transparent to the user who only has to provide the PMU/PDC configuration settings (i.e. IP address, etc) through a GUI. These features make the toolkit independent of any specific equipment, PDC and/or their manufacturers; therefore facilitating interoperability.

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