Synchrophasor Analytics

Synchrophasor Analytics is a front end data processing and conditioning module for downstream phasor based applications and an extension for development. This project began as part of a DOE demonstration project DE-0E0000118 with the intent of deploying synchrophasors to gain full observability of Dominion Virginia Power's EHV network. In addition to the physical infrastructure, Dominion partnered with Virginia Tech to develop and implement several novel synchrophasor applications centered around the Three Phase Linear State Estimator. The code contained in Synchrophasor Analytics represents the core functionality of this implementation and is capable of providing the same functionality to any entity streaming synchrophasor data to a central location. Synchrophasor Analytics contains libraries for building and maintaining a full breaker/switch network model in both three phase or positive sequence representation, create and managing the system matrix representations of that network and the full set of adapters that integrate these libraries into the openPDC for performing linear state estimation and taking snapshots of the system for offline analysis and testing of the network model.

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